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Anjali Patil - National award winning actor

I'm a very private person and have a strong aversion to the unnecessary bits (and bites) of fame. But what Saunskruti achieved in last few months is quite miraculous. She has managed to keep the balance between what's essential and what can be skipped.


The best part of it is that she understood my temperament and brainstormed ideas in sync my personal preferences. Especially today, for an actor, when everyone is so aggressive online, there is big a danger of losing the grip and overdoing it. But she understands that and at the same time pushes you to get more ideas and content which can fit into a publicity strategy (bearing in mind your taste & image which you want to preserve).  


I have never found a social media manager or firm who would push me to do things. It's usually the other way around where you (the client) needs to run behind the agency (or team) to get things done. She is not just hard working but understands your needs and bring all kinds of creative ideas on the table which can be easily executed. 


It's very rare to find someone like her. In a world where everyone is looking after their own needs (and benefits), she puts her clients' needs and ideas before her own and works towards them with a practical understanding of the situation. 

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