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  • What is Digital Marketing?
    Coming soon.
  • What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media?
    Social media is an aspect of digital marketing. Unlike traditional media outlets, content on social media is generated by its users. Examples of social media would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To view all the social media channels which Patronus Communications can manage, view our "services" tab above.
  • Social Media Agency v/s Digital Marketing Agency? What are the advantages?
    If you are looking to create a presence on social media, would you hire a social media agency or a digital agency? While social media agencies focus all their resources on specifically one aspect of digital marketing, most digital agencies will hire a team of people who handle different aspects of online marketing. So a certain digital agency might specialize in search engine optimization while another would specialize in mailers. To make an analogy, if you knew you had a fractured foot, would you go to an orthopedic doctor or a general physician? If you are looking to build a website, shouldn't you look for someone to specializes in making websites? Similarly, if your purpose is to improve your presence on social media, shouldn't you look for someone who looks into specifically that aspect of digital marketing?
  • Why is Social Media Management important?
    Social media presence validates you or your company and if done right, leads to relationship building (and eventually loyalty) with the followers on your page. Unlike former kinds of marketing which were either above-the-line (reaches masses - Television ads, radio ads, hoardings, etc) or below-the-line activities (reaches niche audiences- seminars, product placements, etc), social media marketing has the unique position of being through the line. It can be very generic (e.g. targeting a post throughout India) or highly targetted (e.g. Parents of toddlers living in Juhu and using iPhones). This provides limitless opportunities for advertising.
  • How much does it cost?
    It really depends on what you want to spend. Bigger brands invest millions into their social media. Whereas some users who have no resources whatsoever have managed to generate strong content on almost zero budgets! Having said that, hiring someone to handle your social media comes with its share of expenses. Do let us know what your budget is and we can work around it and create a plan which best suits you. Patronus Communications has absolute basic packages starting from INR 15,000 per month. Do get in touch with us to know more.
  • Do you provide services for Verification?
    Most social media channels verify accounts of celebrities, brands or media companies. If you fall under any of these categories, chances are, the social media channel will verify you by themselves. If not, we will assist you through the process and have your accounts verified if you are associated with Patronus Communications. However, if you are not eleigibly to have your page verified according to the guidelines on the social media channels, we're afraid we cannot help you.
  • Are you hiring?
    Yes. We are looking for a content writer and graphic designer based anywhere in India. We're also looking for other positions based in Mumbai. Check out the careers tab to know more.
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