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Social Media Services  

Facebook Marketing and Facebook Management


Facebook is the largest Social Media platform today and it is vital for any brand, business or professional to have a presence on it. At Patronus Communications, we assist you in your Facebook page moderation and promotions. 


We will create a comprehensive social media strategy which includes a mix of videos, photos, and graphics. If you are a business firm, we'll shoot videos which highlight your work, team or products.   


We will also do contests to boost engagement or help you in the ideation of any other campaign to create engagement on your page. 


Along with Q&A sessions, we will also do live telecasts of any important events or happenings from your Facebook page. 




India is the fastest growing marketed (in terms of users) for Twitter. Which is why it is very important to have a presence on this social media platform.


Patronus Communications will assist you in maintaining your Twitter. We provide you with anticipated trends, help you with what the tweet through the day in 140 characters.


We also conduct regular hashtag searches related to you or your business interests to help you stay relevant on Social Media. 


In terms of growth, Instagram numbers are growing at a higher percentage than its parent company Facebook. While Facebook still has the largest number of users, the use of Instagram is steadily on the rise. We will help you create both photo and video content for your Instagram handle, assist you with the appropriate hashtags and assist you with the best practices. 

Youtube - Pre-production & Production Services

Youtube channels are a great resource for a blog, video testimonials, DIY or know how kind of videos and much more! We will provide complete solutions for your Youtube videos. From scripting to doing the production and putting up the final video. 


A great tool for business firms, it's used for professional networking and seeking or offering employment. We will assist you in creating and maintaining a company page on LinkedIn. 

Google Plus / Google Business

Although not as popular in India as the other social media channels, Google Plus can be an additional channel for your Social Media.


Google Business, on the other hand, is an absolute must for any business. We can assist you in setting it up or even respond to the reviews on Google Business. 


Like Instagram, Pinterest is a photo-based social networking site. A great platform for anybody in the space of creating something. It functions like a collection of ideas and can be effectively used by let's say an Interior Designer or blogger. It also allows the creation of a business page and have a virtual storefront. Patronus Communications can help you in setting up your Pintrest and creating or executing content to put on it. 


Undoubtedly the biggest platform for anyone in the hospitality industry, we assist you in responding to your reviews. We also help you in responding to AirBnB reviews. 


If you are a restaurant owner, and along with your other Social Media channels, would like us to assist you in responding to the reviews, we can help with that as well. 

Blog content

Does your website have a blog? Do you need someone to write content for you? We provide content writing solutions for your blog as well. 

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